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@@NHGHT WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1'" WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1'||DBMS_ WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1*DBMS_PI WkYxnTGh (Website) X
PiqMuvXi' WkYxnTGh (Website) X
u5SnNAiq' WkYxnTGh (Website) X
T4aFWBCW' WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-1)) OR 4 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-5) OR 53 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-5 OR 479 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1Vx8Ck3D' WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1 waitfor WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-1); wait WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-1; waitf WkYxnTGh (Website) X
(select(0 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
0"XOR(if( WkYxnTGh (Website) X
0'XOR(if( WkYxnTGh (Website) X
if(now()= WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-1 OR 2+8 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
-1 OR 3+8 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1*368*363 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
(374-368- WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1*121*116 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
(127-121- WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1*254*249 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
(260-254- WkYxnTGh (Website) X
KkRmEkCR WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1*1 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
1 WkYxnTGh (Website) X
FDOGE Fire doge
SCC Stakecubecoin (Website) ref link 4  5  3  
please rate this airdrop: 010
SCC Airdrop Info:
go to https://stakecube.net/?team=dunh76fr534 and sign up
Then in the dropdown Menue go to: Community
go to: Faucets, where you can claim diverent coins all 24 hours
AML Amanpuri
TAN Taklimakan Network
Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
PLA PlayUp (Website)
SNTR SilentNotary
CLPX Chynge
EVER Everlife
BUD Buddy (Website)
AIR Snips
BITOX Bitox (Website)
TGAME Truegame
HSN HelperSearch
XBT Block Konnect
SON Skynet (Website)
EMU eMusic
BTH Bithereum
CAP Capitalise
MOAC MOAC (Website)
TP Tokenpals
KAYA Kaya Network
LANEAXIS Lane Axis (Website)
UBEX Ubex (Website)
BC CryptoIndex
RKR Rockerchain (Website)
VIDY Vidy (Website)
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What is an Airdrop?
When crypto companies release a new coin or token, they sometimes allocate a certain number for free. This is called Airdrop.
These coins are often not much value at first, but if you just wait a few years, some of these Airdrop coins can have increased its value enormously. That is why it can be worthwhile to participate in Airdrops.

For most Airdrops, you have to make some small returns, often you have:
- must become a member of the telegram group of the company
- or subscribe to / like the Twitter or Facebook account of the company or redistribute a tweet
- For some Airdrops you have to register on the company website, etc ..

With most Airdrops one must indicate his Ethereum address, to which one you will receives the Airdrop Coins, or Tokens.

Duration of Airdrops: Some Airdrops are fixed in time, others go only until a certain number of Airdrop participants is reached, then the Airdrop stopps. That is why the times in the airdroplist are rarely exact. So it may be that the Airdrop is already over - you only see that when you click on it.

Do you know an airdrop, that is not yet listed here ? You can suggest new airdrops here. You are allowed to enter your reflink. If i am not yet registered at this airdrop, i will join over your reflink. After inserting your suggestion in the list, your reflink will be replaced.
Please do not suggest airdrops where you have to install software or apps or scam airdrops.

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