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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
ICNQ IconiqLab (Website)
ICON Iconic (Website)
ICOO ICO OpenLedger (Website)
ICOS ICOS (Website)
ICST IVST (Website)
ICTA AICT (Website)
ICX ICON (Website)
ICX ICON (Website)
IDH indaHash (Website)
IDH indaHash (Website)
IDOL My Idol Coin
IDT InvestDigital (Website)
IDXM IDEX Membership (Website)
IETH iEthereum (Website)
IFC Infinitecoin (Website)
IFLT InflationCoin (Website)
IFT InvestFeed (Website)
IGNIS Ignis (Website)
IGNT Ignite Ratings (Website)
IHT IHT Real Estate Protocol (Website)
IMP Impressio (Website)
IMPS ImpulseCoin (Website)
IMS Independent Money System (Website)
IMT Moneytoken (Website)
IMX Impact (Website)
INCNT Incent (Website)
INCX International Crypto Exchange (Website)
IND Indorse Token (Website)
INDI Indicoin (Website)
INDIA India Coin (Website)
INF InfChain (Website)
INFX Influxcoin (Website)
ING iungo (Website)
INK Ink (Website)
INN Innova (Website)
INPAY InPay (Website)
INS INS Ecosystem (Website)
INSN InsaneCoin (Website)
INSTAR Insights Network (Website)
INT Internet Node Token (Website)
INV Invest in Brokers (Website)
INV Investa (Website) X
INV Investa (Website)
INXT Internxt (Website)
IOC I/O Coin (Website)
ION ION (Website)
IOP Internet of People (Website)
IOST IOStoken (Website)
IOTX IoTeX (Website)
IPBC Interplanetary Broadcast Coin
IPC IPChain (Website)
IPG IP Gold (Website)
IPL InsurePal (Website)
IPSX IP Exchange (Website)
IPY Infinity Pay (Website)
IQT iQuant (Website)
IRIS Iris (Website)
IRL IrishCoin (Website)
IRYO Iryo Network (Website)
ISL IslaCoin (Website)
ISM Istrium (Website)
ITC IoT Chain (Website)
ITI iTicoin (Website)
ITNS IntenseCoin (Website)
ITT Intelligent Trading Tech (Website)
ITZ Interzone
IVZ InvisibleCoin
IXC Ixcoin (Website)
IXT iXledger (Website)
IZX IZX (Website)
J Joincoin (Website)
J8T JET8 (Website)
JC Jesus Coin
JET Jetcoin (Website)
JEW Shekel
JIN Jin Coin (Website)
JINN Jinn (Website)
JIYO Jiyo (Website)
JNS Janus (Website)
JNT Jibrel Network (Website)
JOBS JobsCoin (Website)
JS JavaScript Token (Website)
JSE JSEcoin (Website) X
JWL Jewels (Website)
Kairos Kairos (Website)
KARMA Karmacoin (Website)
KARTO Kryptobits (Website)
KASH Kashtech (Website)
KASHH KashhCoin (Website)
KAVA Kava (Website)
KAYA Kaya Network
KAYI Kayicoin (Website)
KB3 B3Coin (Website)
KBR Kubera Coin (Website)
KCASH Kcash (Website)
KCS KuCoin Shares (Website)
KDC KlondikeCoin
KED Darsek (Website)

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