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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
INV Investa (Website)
IDT InvestDigital (Website)
IFT InvestFeed (Website)
IVZ InvisibleCoin
ION ION (Website)
IOST IOStoken (Website)
ITC IoT Chain (Website)
MIOTA IOTA (Website)
IOTX IoTeX (Website)
IPSX IP Exchange (Website)
IPG IP Gold (Website)
IPC IPChain (Website)
IQT iQuant (Website)
IRIS Iris (Website)
IRL IrishCoin (Website)
IRYO Iryo Network (Website)
ISL IslaCoin (Website)
ISM Istrium (Website)
ITI iTicoin (Website)
ING iungo (Website)
ICST IVST (Website)
IXC Ixcoin (Website)
IXT iXledger (Website)
IZX IZX (Website)
JNS Janus (Website)
JS JavaScript Token (Website)
JC Jesus Coin
J8T JET8 (Website)
JET Jetcoin (Website)
JWL Jewels (Website)
JNT Jibrel Network (Website)
JIN Jin Coin (Website)
SWTC Jingtum Tech (Website)
JINN Jinn (Website)
JIYO Jiyo (Website)
JOBS JobsCoin (Website)
J Joincoin (Website)
XJO Joulecoin (Website)
JSE JSEcoin (Website) X
Kairos Kairos (Website)
KKN Kakushin (Website)
KNDC KanadeCoin (Website) X
KRB Karbo (Website)
KRM Karma (Website)
KARMA Karmacoin (Website)
KASHH KashhCoin (Website)
KASH Kashtech (Website)
KAVA Kava (Website)
KAYA Kaya Network
KAYI Kayicoin (Website)
KCASH Kcash (Website)
KEEP Keep network (Website)
KEES Keescoin (Website)
KEK KekCoin (Website)
KLT Kelta (Website) X
KMC KemCredit (Website)
KEP Kepler (Website) X
KICK KickCoin (Website)
KLC KiloCoin (Website)
KIMERA Kimera (Website)
KIN Kin (Website)
KIND Kind Ads (Website)
XKN Kinekt (Website)
KNC KingN Coin (Website)
KDC KlondikeCoin
KOBO Kobocoin (Website)
KODAKCoin KodakOne (Website)
KLN Kolion (Website)
KMD Komodo (Website)
KORE Kore (Website)
KTD Kotlind (Website)
KMC Koumei (Website)
KRONE Kronecoin (Website)
KARTO Kryptobits (Website)
KNOW Kryptono Exchange (Website) X
KBR Kubera Coin (Website)
KCS KuCoin Shares (Website)
KURT Kurrent (Website)
KUSH KushCoin (Website)
KNC Kyber Network (Website)
KNC KyberNetwork (Website)
KZC Kzcash (Website)
LALA LALA World (Website)
TAU Lamden (Website)
PIX Lampix (Website)
LANA LanaCoin (Website)
LNW Lancer Network (Website)
LDCN LandCoin (Website)
LANEAXIS Lane Axis (Website)
LAPO Lapo Blockchain (Website) X
LTH LAthaan (Website)
LATX Latium (Website)
LA LAToken (Website)
LAZ Lazaruscoin (Website)
LBC LBRY Credits (Website)
LEA LeaCoin
LDC Leadcoin

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