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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
PATO Profede Professional Protocol (Website) X
PAVO Pavocoin (Website)
PAY TenX (Website)
PAYP PayPeer (Website)
PAYX Paypex (Website)
PBL Publica (Website)
PBT Primalbase Token (Website)
PCH PCHAIN (Website)
PCL Peculium
PCN PeepCoin
PCOIN Pioneer Coin (Website)
PCPi preCharge Utility Token (Website)
PCS Pabyosi Coin Special (Website)
PDC Project Decorum (Website)
PDG PinkDog (Website)
PEC Peacecoin
PEPECASH Pepe Cash (Website)
PERA Payera (Website)
PFR Payfair (Website)
PGCT Golden Currency (Website)
PGL Prospectors Gold (Website)
PHO Photon
PHR Phore (Website)
PHS Philosopher Stones (Website)
PHT Photochain (Website)
PHU Pehucoin (Website)
PIE PIECoin (Website)
PIGGY Piggycoin (Website)
PING CryptoPing (Website)
PINK PinkCoin (Website)
PIPL PiplCoin (Website)
PIRL Pirl (Website)
PIVX PIVX (Website)
PIX Lampix (Website)
PIZZA PizzaCoin (Website)
PKB ParkByte (Website)
PKT Playkey (Website)
PLA PlayUp (Website)
PLACO PlayerCoin (Website)
PLAT BitGuild (Website)
PLAY HEROcoin (Website)
PLBT Polybius (Website)
PLC PlusCoin (Website)
PLNC PLNcoin (Website)
PLR Pillar (Website)
PLU Pluton (Website)
PLX PlexCoin (Website)
PND Pandacoin (Website)
PNT Pointium (Website)
PNX Phantomx (Website)
PO8 PO8 (Website)
POA Oracles Network (Website)
POA Oracles Network (Website)
POE Po.et (Website)
POKE PokeCoin
POLIS Polis (Website)
POLL ClearPoll (Website)
POLY Polymath (Website)
PONZI PonziCoin
POP PopularCoin (Website)
Port Planport (Website)
POS PoSToken (Website)
POST PostCoin (Website)
POSW PoSW Coin (Website)
POT PotCoin (Website)
POWR Power Ledger (Website)
POWR PowerLedger (Website)
POWR PowerLedger (Website)
PPC Peercoin (Website)
PPP PayPie (Website)
PPP PayPie (Website)
PPT Populous (Website)
PPY Peerplays (Website)
PR Prototanium (Website)
PRA ProChain (Website)
PRC PRCoin (Website)
PRE Presearch (Website)
PRES President Trump (Website)
PRG Paragon (Website)
PRIMU Primulon (Website)
PRIX Privatix (Website)
PRIXY Privatix (Website)
PRL Oyster (Website)
PRM PrismChain
PRN Protean (Website)
PRO Propy (Website)
Pro P Propay (Website) X
PROC ProCurrency (Website)
PRS PressOne (Website)
PRSC Parsec Frontiers (Website)
PRTS Protos (Website)
PRX Printerium (Website)
PST Primas (Website)
PSY Psilocybin
PT Pink Taxi (Website)
PTC Pesetacoin (Website)

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