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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
ROC Rasputin Online Coin (Website)
XRA Ratecoin (Website)
RVN Ravencoin
XRC Rawcoin (Website)
RAWG RAWG (Website)
RHOC RChain (Website)
RCN Rcoin (Website)
READ Read (Website)
REAL REAL (Website)
REAL Real (Website)
RCT RealChain (Website)
RET Realista (Website) X
REBL Rebellious (Website)
RPX Red Pulse (Website)
RED RedCoin (Website)
RDD ReddCoin (Website)
REE ReeCoin (Website)
RFR Refereum (Website)
REF RefToken (Website)
REGA Regacoin (Website)
REC Regalcoin (Website)
REGO Rego (Website)
RMC Remicoin (Website)
REM REMME (Website)
RNS Renos (Website)
BERRY Rentberry (Website)
REOS REOS (Website)
REPO Repo Coin
REN Republic Protocol (Website)
REPUX Repux (Website)
REQ Request Network (Website)
MWAT Restart Energy (Website)
MWAT Restart Energy (Website)
R Revain (Website)
RVR RevolutionVR
RVX Revolux (Website) X
XRE RevolverCoin (Website)
RWRD Rewards (Website) X
REX REX (Website)
RHFC RHFCoin (Website)
XRL Rialto (Website)
RICHX RichCoin
RIDE Ride My Car (Website)
RIC Riecoin (Website)
MESH RightMesh (Website)
RBT Rimbit (Website)
RCN Ripio Credit Network (Website)
XRP Ripple (Website)
RBX Ripto Bux (Website)
RISE Rise (Website)
RVT Rivetz (Website)
RKT Rock
RKR Rockerchain (Website)
RPC RonPaulCoin (Website)
ROOFS Roofs (Website)
RBC Root Blockchain (Website)
RGE Rouge (Website)
RLT RouletteToken (Website)
RKC Royal Kingdom Coin (Website)
ROYAL RoyalCoin
XRY Royalties (Website)
RSGP RSGPcoin (Website)
RBIES Rubies (Website)
RUBY Rubius (Website)
RUBIT RubleBit (Website)
RBY Rubycoin (Website)
RUNNERS Runners (Website)
RUPX Rupaya (Website)
RUP Rupee (Website)
RGS RusGas (Website)
RC RussiaCoin (Website)
RMC Russian Miner Coin (Website)
RUSTBITS Rustbits (Website)
SAC Sac Chain (Website)
SAC SACoin (Website)
SAFEX Safe Exchange Coin (Website)
XSTC Safe Trade Coin (Website)
SFE SafeCoin
SAGA SagaCoin (Website)
SKR Sakuracoin (Website)
SALT SALT (Website)
SLS SaluS (Website)
SANC Sancoj (Website) X
SND Sand Coin (Website)
SAT Sandblock (Website)
SAN Santiment Network (Website)
SPN Sapien Network (Website)
SPH Sapphirecoin (Website)
STV Sativacoin (Website)
MAD SatoshiMadness
SANDG Save and Gain (Website)
SVD Savedroid (Website) X
SDX SciDex (Website)
SCI Science (Website)
SCORE Scorecoin (Website)
DDD Scry.info (Website)
SDA SDChain (Website)

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