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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
SPHTX SophiaTX (Website)
SDT Soundeon (Website)
HERO Sovereign Hero (Website)
Sovrin (Website)
SPC SpaceChain
SPACE SpaceCoin (Website)
SPANK SpankChain (Website)
SPARTA Sparda (Website)
SPK Sparks (Website)
SPARK Sparkster (Website) X
SIG Spectiv (Website)
SPEC Spectre (Website)
SPEC Spectre (Website)
SXDT Spectre.ai Dividend (Website)
SXUT Spectre.ai Utility (Website)
XSPEC Spectrecoin (Website)
SMS Speed Mining Service
SCS Speedcash (Website)
SPHR Sphere (Website)
SAY SpherePay
XID Sphre AIR (Website)
SPIKE Spiking (Website)
SPD Spindle
SPORT SportsCoin (Website)
SPF SportyFi (Website)
SPT Spots (Website)
SPR SpreadCoin (Website)
SPRING Springrole (Website)
SPTX SprintX (Website)
SPRTS Sprouts (Website)
SPEX SproutsExtreme
SQZR Squeezer (Website)
SEHR SSOT (Website) X
XSN StakeNet
SAX Standix (Website)
STAR Starbase (Website)
STARS StarCash Network (Website)
STC StarChain (Website)
KST StarCoin
STRC StarCredits (Website)
STA Starta (Website)
START Startcoin (Website)
STAC StarterCoin
SNT Status (Website)
SNT Status Network (Website)
XST Stealthcoin (Website)
STEEM Steem (Website)
SBD Steem Dollars (Website)
XLM Stellar (Website)
XTL Stellite
STN Steneum Coin (Website)
SLG Sterlingcoin (Website)
STEX STEX (Website)
SPD Stipend
STK STK Token (Website)
SCC StockChain (Website) X
STQ Storiqa (Website)
STORJ Storj (Website)
SJCX Storjcoin X (Website)
STORM Storm (Website)
STX Stox (Website)
STRAT Stratis (Website)
STC Stream (Website)
DATA Streamr (Website)
DATA Streamr (Website)
DATA Streamr DATAcoin (Website)
STS Stress
SBC StrikeBitClub (Website)
SHND StrongHands (Website)
SUB Substratum (Website)
SLT Successlife (Website)
such SuchApp (Website) X
SGC SudanGold (Website)
SGR Sugar Exchange (Website)
SUMO Sumokoin (Website)
SNC SunContract (Website)
SBTC Super Bitcoin (Website)
SEED Superbloom (Website)
SUPER SuperCoin (Website)
SUP Superior Coin
UNITY SuperNET (Website)
SUPER Superset
RMT SureRemit
SUR Suretly (Website)
SVN Svandis (Website)
SCX Swachhcoin (Website)
BUCKS SwagBucks
SWP Swapcoin (Website)
TOKEN SwapToken (Website)
SWT Swarm City (Website)
SWM Swarm Fund (Website)
SWFTC SwftCoin (Website)
SAM Swiss Alps Mining & Energy (Website)
CHSB SwissBorg (Website)

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