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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
WOW Wowcoin
WPR WePower (Website)
WPR WePower (Website)
WRC Worldcore (Website)
WRK Workcoin (Website)
WRL Whyral (Website)
WSX WeAreSatoshi (Website)
WT World Wi-Fi (Website)
WTC Walton (Website)
WTC WhiteChain (Website)
WTT Giga Watt Token (Website)
WU WULET (Website) X
WZI Wizzle (Website)
X2 X2
XAC AcuteCoin (Website) X
XAS Asch (Website)
XAU Xaucoin
XAUR Xaurum (Website)
XBC Bitcoin Plus (Website)
XBL Billionaire Token (Website)
XBP BlitzPredict
XBT Block Konnect
XBTC21 Bitcoin 21 (Website)
XBTS Beatcoin (Website)
XCEL XcelToken (Website)
XCM CoinMetro (Website) X
XCN Cryptonite (Website)
XCO X-Coin (Website)
XCP Counterparty (Website)
XCPO Copico (Website)
XCRE Creatio (Website)
XCS CybCSec (Website)
XCT C-Bit (Website)
XCXT CoinonatX (Website)
XDAC xDAC (Website)
XDCE XinFin Network
XDN DigitalNote (Website)
XEL Elastic (Website)
XEM NEM (Website)
XENC Xenchain (Website)
XFT Footy Cash (Website)
XGOX XGOX (Website)
XGR GoldReserve (Website)
XHI HiCoin (Website)
XHV Haven Protocol
XID Sphre AIR (Website)
XIN Mixin (Website)
XIN Infinity Economics (Website)
XIOS Xios (Website)
XJO Joulecoin (Website)
XKN Kinekt (Website)
XLC LeviarCoin (Website)
XLM Stellar (Website)
XLR Solaris (Website)
XMC Mingocoin (Website) X
XMCC Monoeci (Website)
XMCT XMED (Website)
XMG Magi (Website)
XMO Monero Original
XMR Monero (Website)
XMRG Monero Gold
XMY Myriad (Website)
XNG Enigma (Website)
XNK Ink Protocol (Website)
XNN Xenon (Website)
XOC Xonecoin
XOT Internet of Things (Website)
XP Experience Points (Website)
XPA XPlay (Website)
XPD PetroDollar (Website)
XPL Explorio
XPM Primecoin (Website)
XPTX PlatinumBAR (Website)
XPY PayCoin (Website)
XQN Quotient
XQT Quarteria (Website)
XRA Ratecoin (Website)
XRA Xriba (Website)
XRB RaiBlocks
XRC Rawcoin (Website)
XRE RevolverCoin (Website)
XRL Rialto (Website)
XRP Ripple (Website)
XRR XchangeRate (Website) X
XRY Royalties (Website)
XSH SHIELD (Website)
XSN StakeNet
XSPEC Spectrecoin (Website)
XST Stealthcoin (Website)
XSTC Safe Trade Coin (Website)
XTL Stellite
XTO Tao (Website)
XTZ Tezos (Pre-Launch) (Website)
XTZ Tezos (Website)
XUC Exchange Union (Website)
XVC Vcash (Website)
XVE The Vegan Initiative

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